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Security Alert

Dear ABSParis students,

The sun had risen today on Paris, a sign of victory of light and our will to keep moving forward.

Our thoughts go out to the victims, their families, friends and everyone who is suffering because of Friday’s terror attacks.

Please note that for now, and according to instructions from the French authorities, the School will open tomorrow. We have asked the instructors to postpone any exams and quizzes and focus on your well-being, class discussion and the course materials. Off-campus activities are postponed or cancelled.

If you cannot attend your classes on Monday, please email your professor and Sara Pax, Associate Dean (spax@groupe-igs.fr) in order to let us know your situation. Some of you have requested to take classes this week online or through Skype. Unfortunately, we are a small school and we don’t have the resources and infrastructure to set this up with such short notice, however it is something we will be looking into for the future.

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon we will observe a minute of silence on the IGS Group campus, a sign of our sympathy for the victims and their families. Wherever you are, we would appreciate you sharing this gesture with us.

Our on campus ABS Paris team is at your disposal during regular opening hours. For questions or help during other times, please don’t hesitate to email Dean Fadel (ffadel@groupe-igs.fr) for further information.

Please be aware that you need to have your student ID to enter the campus tomorrow and the security officers will check your bags. For students who didn’t receive their student ID yet, you should download your « certificat de scolarité » from ECAMPUS and bring a photo ID. Then go immediately to the administration office to pick up your student ID.

We wish you all the best and keep moving forward,

Fady Fadel, Ph.D